why fertilize

why should I Fertilize my lawn?

  • There is nothing more attractive than a healthy, smooth, dark green lawn that is well manicured, free of weeds and has the looks of a soft carpet. A lawn of this caliber offers great curb appeal, gives prospective buyers an excellent first impression and makes being outside much more inviting and satisfying for the entire family.
  • Turf needs specific nutrients to grow. Over time, these nutrients can be removed from your soil via water from rain or irrigation, which leaves your soil nutrient deficient. When this happens, your lawn can become unhealthy and make it more vulnerable to disease.
  • A healthy lawn requires less weed killer. When your lawn is thick and healthy, it creates a natural resistance to weed growth. Weeds will have a much harder time taking root and spreading in a thick, healthy lawn.
  • Lawn fertilization also strengthens the root system of the turf and allows it to absorb water quickly during heavy rains.

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